The Left Wo­men in Fin­land

is a national, left-wing feminist network. All women who are members of the Left Alliance belong to the Left Women. We are also an open network for all women who want to influence matters and participate in left-wing feminist politics without a party membership.

The Left Women has over 20 local groups across Finland and active women on all levels of policy-making. The Left Women organises trainings, seminars, and free-time activities. We contribute to politics both locally and nationally.

Our key goals

  • Promotion of equality and the status of women in Finland and all over the world
  • Promotion of human rights
  • Right to live free from violence
  • Free and accessible public services
  • Equality in working life and adequate income
  • Climate change mitigation


There are two ways to join the Left Women in Finland:

  1. Become a member of the Left Alliance here.


  2. Send an email to vasemmistonaiset(at) and join the Left Women in Finland (membership fee €20/year).

Welcome aboard!

Contact information


Milla Pyykkönen
Specialist in Women’s Policy
tel. + 358 40 663 0031

Heli Katainen
Communications Coordinator
tel. +358 40 583 3113


Veronika Honkasalo
Member of Parliament